My SEO Consulting Service

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It is easy to generate visits through online advertising, but it will never be an alternative to organic traffic from search engines and pages related to your website. Besides that, if you ever stop investing in advertising, traffic will fall, while SEO and proper positioning are always an excellent long-term investment that can keep traffic convertible and stable for a long time.

For many year I have been helping my clients with consultancy, research and analysis of data, in order to optimize, redesign and develop all types of websites, especially for those who have difficulties with visibility and positioning in search engines. In general terms, the objective is to generate an increase in ROI (return on investment) and achieve more conversions (CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization), meaning, we work together to bring more traffic to the company’s site and convert more visitors into active customers.

My consulting services are always tailored to the specific needs of clients and their websites, whether they are e-commerce sites with hundreds of products, niche sites specialized in highly competitive market segments, or with a single target market. For many-many years I’ve been providing personalized SEO services for projects of different scale or highly competitive situations, drawing on experience and knowledge in the world of SEO, which I have been working on for the last fifteen years.

For a website to be search engine friendly, there needs to be a balance between its technical infrastructure, the quality and format of the content, the usability and usefulness, and the internal and external link profile that the site contains.

So, this is what I do

Typically, a Custom SEO Consulting Program begins with an SEO audit to examine in detail the factors that impact search engine rankings and visibility – your sites’ technical infrastructure, content, link profile, and competition.

Next, an analysis and report is carried out with the client, proposing the recommendations that will guide the development of the SEO strategy to be followed in the coming months. Generally, the recommendations will be based on “getting your money’s worth” (that is, ROI), seeking a balance between the investment required to improve a certain aspect and the potential rewards.

The results of the initial audit will then become the basis of the SEO Strategic Plan, an optimization program, tailor-made, unique to your site and its current visibility and positioning situation, traffic and current conversion. Then, you work closely with your team implementing strategies and tactics, as well as keeping you abreast of impending changes in search engine algorithms that may affect your website’s performance.

We will focus on building a solid relationship

It is important to note that my training and experience in the area of ​​SEO allow me to focus on both the big picture and the small details. This means that the overall business situation will always be considered, including branding, positioning, pricing models, as well as keywords, code, and links. As an analyst, I will share my experience and knowledge along the way, establishing a strong partnership and education relationship that in my opinion, is critically important.

What my service includes

  • Competitors Analysis, determining what must be implemented to compete effectively in the market according to your target keywords.
  • Analysis of the technical infrastructure of your site, including the quality of the code, the hosting server and its speed, IP addresses and background, robots.txt file, site structure and files, etc.
  • Keyword research to make sure you are working on the right keywords for your target market.
  • Review the content of your site to ensure that it is presented in a way that is easy to understand, both for search engines and for site visitors.
  • Link Profile Analysis is a review of internal and external links, including relevance / topic, quality and quantity, and use of anchor text.
  • Conversion analysis of visitors in certain stages of the business life and study of ways to improve the conversion of your traffic into more queries, leads or income.

SEO consulting is what I do for more than a decade and I really love it. I love the challenge of working with so many different clients, industries, solving different issues – but the goals are always the same. To grow my client’s business.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s have a talk! My service varies according to the characteristics of your business, website and digital life history. Each project is different and depends on the complexity and competence in its field, but not only! Factors such as the quality of the content, the viral potential of your branding, target audience, etc. will also be necessary to take them into account.