Online Reputation Management for brands and HNW individuals.

The world’s best brands use Online Reputation Management to build relationships with their audience. Now you can use the same techniques to clean your own name.

Rep Management is the practice of shaping public perception by influencing online information. The service is aimed for celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, politicians and controversial brands.

For individuals, the first and most essential step of reputation management is limiting what they make available online, whether it is images, video, posts or comments, understanding that this data will live online forever.

A very common practice is to conduct PR campaigns to increase the visibility of positive opinions or to decrease the visibility of negative opinions. The creation of positive content pieces about a brand or individual to counter negative organic content.

Launching and monitoring references to the person or brand name, through social media, news sites and SERPs with carefully crafted search queries.

Discreet, fast and powerful reputation and crisis management for those who want to stay in or out of the public eye.