SEO professional with fifteen years of experience.

I am a results-oriented professional with experience in a wide range of facets of Digital Marketing. I help companies increase their traffic, performance and growth. The goal is to create excellent technology performance, content relevance, and a high brand authority.

About me

I’m a very proactive person. Structural thinker. Results-driven digital growth professional. I help companies grow their revenue. I bring with me a combination of expertise in Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO), digital and guerilla marketing. Throughout my career, I have helped organizations enhance results by utilizing strategic processes to drive digital transformation. I am known for bringing holistic solutions for growing that streamline success. (One of my copywriters wrote that last sentence, but it’s true.)

With a blend of creativity and analytical skills, meeting and exceeding delivery of goals are key areas of focus.

I deliver high-impact plans and campaigns to drive results. I’ve been recognized for tackling situations from different perspectives and providing innovative solutions to business challenges. I aim to improve overall success, while leaving a lasting impact on any organization. (Copywriters are so great describing simple things!)

Why invest in SEO?

(Because it really works!)

Looking to rank in Google this year? You need SEO. And you need to create content that aligns with search intent.

It’s difficult to explain how important the concept of search intent is to SEO. People spend YEARS learning that. I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you want to rank high, understanding search intent and having a strategy aligned to that intent is absolutely critical.

Seo is built by three main subjects or pillars: Technology, Relevancy and Authority. With technical SEO we make websites easier to be crawled, indexed and discovered, whith a good content strategy we’ll “match” our content to what they are searching and the authority will be built by executing smart and effective reputation campaigns.

The bottom line is that if you want to rank higher on Google in 2021, you need an excellent performance of your technology, a good content relevancy and great authority.

It’s not just SEO!

SEO is just one component out of many, in a proper digital marketing strategy.

It has to be clear: SEO is the process of optimizing websites and their content to be easily discoverable by users searching for relevant terms. The best performing sites in Google aren’t just good at SEO. They’re good at digital marketing in general. And that’s exactly why I can help you grow your traffic, grow your rankings and grow in your sales.
I have so many years of experience in this field that I will be able to help you with your strategy, and not less important, I will help you avoid costly mistakes!


Digital Marketing Specialist @ Tovia — Los Angeles, 2015-Present

A lot of SEO, Analytics and Social Growth. When I say “a lot” I really mean it! Huge user databases, daily A/B tests routines, Email Marketing, traffic from thousands of affiliates. I’ve learned a lot! Working on leading site changes and optimizations, innovating with new promotion techniques across a network of multiple sites, with millions of unique visitors from 5 continents and a huuuuge paid subscribers user base. Grew our organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yandex using white-hat strategic techniques only… (ha ha!), outranking competitors and even our very-old affiliates (that historically were allowed to use our own brand names…).
I also was in charge of building the company’s new social networks (today they call it “Community Management”), successfully reaching to more than a million followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.
You can read more about this job on my LinkedIn profile.

SEO Specialist @ Genius Fund — Los Angeles, 2018-2020

Another GREAT place to work in. I had so much fun with those guys! I was in charge of the SEO & Inbound Marketing of their online properties built for B2B and B2C of hemp-derived products and isolated ingredients.
With Genius I coordinated within a new marketing team to build and optimize new web experiences for wholesale clients across the cannabis industry; communicated specific reports and dashboards to stakeholders.
I worked in the development of new websites in alignment with SEO strategy; collaborated with designers, content creators, video editors, and PR to develop great and compelling content. Unfortunately the company went out of business when the Covid-19 pandemic started.

SEO Consultant @SEO Team — Israel, 2006-2013

That was one of the first White-label SEO agencies in Israel. A lot of undercover and “underground” work was done for other companies. Started up in 2006 we accomplished an exponential grow that lead to the opening this business in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the early years of SEO we found a huge opportunity in optimization for e-commerce sites. We managed to work on the key conversion points in the marketing funnel, including landing pages, shop/transactional flows, website calls-to-action (CTAs), and lead-generation forms. We were performing A/B tests and multivariate tests to evaluate the performance of these conversion assets and identify areas of improvement, a long time before UX and CRO were even born! We successful enhanced the lead-to-customer conversion rate and increased funnel marketing efficiency.
That’s probably the exact point where I discovered how to take advantage of my proactivity and my structural thinking to identify problems, opportunities and to achieve improvement and growth. I ended my partnership in the agency in 2013 after a year of living outside of Israel and working remotely.

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