SEO & Growth with fifteen years of experience.

I am a goal-oriented marketer with expertise in all facets of marketing management, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing. With 15 years of experience, I am skilled in providing strategic leadership of short- and long-term goals to implement innovative marketing strategies and increase performance. Adept at increasing revenue generation of brands, developing and enhancing marketing programs to drive traffic and awareness, and proactively leading digital transformation projects.

About me

I’m a results-driven growth professional, I offer targeted experience in digital marketing, in addition to a combination of expertise in Search-Engine-Optimization, marketing strategy, and guerilla marketing. Throughout my career, I have helped organizations enhance results by utilizing strategic processes to drive digital transformation and motivational leadership. I am known for bringing holistic solutions for growing that streamline success.

With a blend of creativity and analytical skills, meeting and exceeding delivery of goals are key areas of focus.

I deliver high-impact plans and campaigns to drive results. In addition to my experiences, areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Program Management
  • Growth Generation

I’ve been recognized for tackling situations from different perspectives and providing innovative solutions to business challenges. I aim to improve overall success, while leaving a lasting impact on my organization!


Digital Marketing Specialist @ Tovia — Los Angeles, 2015-Present

Instrumental in leading website transformations, revamping SEO techniques in a network of multiple websites, with millions of unique visitors per month and a large, paid user base.
Helped to expand organic traffic from SERPs by leveraging strategic White Hat techniques. {read more}

SEO Specialist @ Genius Fund — Los Angeles, 2018-2020

Coordinated with a new marketing team to build and optimize new web experiences for wholesale dozens of clients across the cannabis industry; communicated specific SEO requirements to business stakeholders.
Developed a new website in alignment with SEO strategy; collaborated with designers, content creators, video editors, and public relations to develop compelling content.
Leveraged innovative SEO tactics by utilizing and other languages by partnering with development teams. {read more}

SEO Consultant @SEO Team — Israel, 2006-2013

Managed key conversion points in the marketing funnel, including landing pages, shop/transactional flows, website calls-to-action (CTAs), and lead-generation forms.
Performed A/B tests and multivariate tests to evaluate the performance of these conversion assets and identify areas of improvement; partnered with digital marketing teams to optimize conversion points.
Coordinated with a cross-functional development team transition winning test experiences into permanent enhancements.
Proactively drove data-driven decision-making and identified opportunities for improvement while supporting digital marketing and optimizing digital campaigns.

My six rules of Data Analysis

As a data-driven individual, I always go back to the source of data analysis.

  1. ASK questions to define both the issues to be solved and what would equal a successful result.
  2. PREPARE by building a timeline and collecting data.
  3. PROCESS the data by cleaning it to make sure it was complete, correct, relevant, and free of errors and outliers.
  4. ANALYZE the clean data.
  5. SHARE my findings and recommendations with team leaders.
  6. ACT to achieve the results and focused on improving key areas.

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