I help companies grow their revenue by acquiring more online presence and more organic traffic. Since I help businesses increase their revenue by gaining more online presence and more organic traffic. Since 2005 I have worked with a wide variety of companies across multiple industries including Cannabis, Adults, Fintech, E-Commerce Retailers, Jewelry, Photographers, Lawyers and more.

About me

I’m a very proactive person. Structural thinker. Results-driven digital growth professional. Very focused on helping companies grow their revenue. I bring with me a combination of expertise in Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO), digital and guerilla marketing. Throughout my career, I have helped organizations enhance results by utilizing strategic processes to drive real digital transformation.

I am known for providing holistic growth hacking solutions that accelerate success.

I’ve been recognized for tackling situations from different perspectives and providing innovative solutions to business challenges. I aim to improve overall success, while leaving a lasting impact on any organization.

What I do

I deliver high-impact SEO to drive results. To each project I bring with me the knowledge and experience accumulated during more than 15 years of work with high-traffic websites.

If we decide to work together, I will analyze your website and your competitors’ websites, conduct keyword research, and help improve your on-page and technical SEO. We will then uncover untapped keywords, content and link building opportunities.